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Anuel AA Sentenced to 30 more Months in Prison

Anuel AA Sentence to 30 more Months in Prison - elumina-mag.com

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Anuel AA is an artist who doesn’t need an introduction, but I will give you one anyways. Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago better known by his stage name ‘Anuel AA’ is a 24-year old artist from Carolina Puerto Rico. His hit albums entitled ‘Free Anuel’ and ‘Real Hasta La Muerte’ has gained critical recognition for his intricate play on words and subject matter. As the growth of the ‘Spanish Trap’ genre catapults itself onto the airwaves all over the world, Anuel AA’s talent continues to become a part of music history–even though he is behind bars.

Anuel AA was arrested in March of 2016 for illegal possession of a gun near his home, a project complex in Carolina Puerto Rico. According to Telemundo PR…

“Authorities detailed that agents assigned to the San Juan Drug Division intervened in front of the Tabaco & Ron Lounge San Juan nightclub with a 2007 Honda Accord, in which they occupied a .40 caliber Glock pistol; A Glock model 30 caliber .45 and another Glock model 19 caliber nine millimeters.

On the other hand, the authorities detailed that also they were occupied 152 ammunitions.”



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