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A Letter: Men Struggling With Eating Disorders

A Letter to Men With Eating Disorders - elumina-mag.com

Dear Men and Young Men With Eating Disorders,

Have you noticed that when you hear of eating disorders such as Bulimia or Anorexia society automatically assumes it has to do with Women? I was 12 years old when I was diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa and sought out group therapy at the Boston Medical Center in Boston. The group was overwhelmingly female.

Women are more vulnerable to this condition thanks to the world we live in in-which we keep on telling ‘women’ that looking paper thin is the way to go, which is horrible. Despite it, whether you believe it or not men, yes, men with eating disorders are somewhat elusive. In the past, eating disorders have been characterized as a woman’s problem and men have been stigmatized from coming forward or have been unaware that they could have an eating disorder as well. Here is the thing men are not so different from women when it comes to wanting to look perfect. Metrosexuality does exist people”and sadly peer-pressure does as well. Further, our socio-cultural influences mean that over-exercising and the pursuit of extreme  muscle growth are frequently seen as healthy behaviors for males and are actively encouraged. The truth is that these activities can indicate a significant amount of disorders and lead to severe physical health problems.

I think society should have a growing emphasis to balance out the stigma regarding eating disorders. It is way more based off of the experience of women than it is for men. Although they affect women on a higher basis, men aren’t excluded from the possibility of acquiring one and the representation to influence men to seek help is almost non existent. This is a message for those of you who feel underrepresented with this problem. You are not alone, there is help out there, I know because I found my way through it all. If I could do it you can too.

Love, Jordan

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