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RANT: Body Shaming Within The LGBTQ Community

Some members of the LGBTQ community would tell them selves that they don’t give a shit if others accept them for who and what they are or not. However it’s no mystery that some if not most members of the LGBTQ community would feel the need to be accepted by other members of society and their community, despite ethnic origin, race or social status, we all want to be accepted somehow. Here is the thing that concerns me the most, are ‘we’ the LGBTQ community collectively participate in shaming and not being accepting of each other in the community?

According to out.com they found that out of 215 gay men from the ages of 18 to 78, over one third of them have directly experienced anti-fat bias. Even though most of them were not overweight using common body mass index guidelines. These men also reported that the most common form of anti-fat bias they received was from potential romantic partners, which was associated with several types of body image disturbance.

During my sit-down with Laurie Hill, a visual artist from London whose experience surrounding relationships, and mental health regarding body image. His fascination with the idea of the privilege of being ‘pretty’ and how it has affects the public and the media for a very long time grows stronger. His public honesty regarding struggles with body image, diet, their roots and how they should be publicly discussed in conjunction with the bigger issue of body shaming amongst men influences his activism and work that contributes to my question

What is the biggest influence on body shame on LGBTQ?

One of the biggest social influences that publicly insinuates body shaming as far as the LGBTQ community is concerned is the attitude towards porn. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with porn but in my opinion the manner of which it is sensationalized influences us way past the surface. Because some see porn as a representation of a quality sex life, where as porn in fact is pure fantasy and entreatment. But as a matter of fact lets talk about Hollywood for a brief moment and analyze how they also play a big part on this problem, for example I have never been shame or bullied for my weight or forced into dieting but some how”, it still  I always wanted to diet and change my body but I couldn’t figure’s out where it comes from, so I started analyzing, so If you think about Zac Efron for example he went from High school Musical Twink body looking, but the second he jumped Into Hollywood  he turned into this massive brick of muscles, and  fans go ‘nuts’ for it. The reaction is the same with other artists such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner and countless others. The second they start getting Hollywood attention their bodies change drastically.

I mean, come on. they go as far as photoshopping. Did you see Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Photo shoot? It was un real! He wasn’t as fit as he is now but they still manage to alter his look like a God. Manipulation of body image is thrown in our faces as a result of advertising and keeping us interested of course. The subconscious reality of it all affects our society today and the manner of which we view one another.

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