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Philip Butters The Racist Journalist and His attack on Dignity

Philip Butters The Racist Journalist - elumina-mag.com

Philip Butters a journalist for ‘La Prensa’ newspaper in Peru has quite the mouth. The insipid commentator was tasked with entertaining the transition of Ecuador’s national soccer team to FIFA. Ecuadoreans raveled with pride as it is their first time entering the national games for the first time since 2002. Much to the fan’s disappointment, Butters fulfilled the requirements of his job all while revealing his racist perspective as well.

“If you consider the DNA of Felipe Caicedo, he is not human, he is a monkey, a gorilla. They are tight niggers who bite you and give you ebola”–Butters exclaimed boldly into the microphone. His expletives were mentioned after reciting “We are going to play against Ecuador in Quito. Ecuadorians are not black, they are crocodiles of height, those have biceps in the eyelids.” Butters demonstrated weak attempts to defend his racist commentary by explaining that ‘it is all a part of soccer jargon.’ He continued by exclaiming that ‘Peruvians’ call Ecuadoreans ‘Chickens’ and Peruvians refer to Ecuadoreans as ‘Gorillas’ in exchange.

The majority of the Ecuadorean soccer team include players with African ancestry. Historically, the association of biology with the social construct of race has been used to justify racist antics towards some of the most marginalized people in society. In this case, explicitly associating the success of a sum of Latinos with African ancestry to traits that are ‘animalistic’ is not only absurd but speaks volumes to the extremes racist will go to in order to discredit the hard work of a team who has worked hard to obtain the success

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