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Should Descendants of Slave Owners be Allowed To Make Decisions That Impact The Lives of The Disenfranchised?

Let me be more clear. Should generations of people, who benefit from the financial gains made during the era that exploited, manipulated, abused, (and more) to people of color be allowed to hold positions in public offices that impact the disenfranchised?
Is it logical, to  allow descendants of whites who referred to Blacks as “property” during an era where the value of Black Life was ‘questionable?’
This question is inspired by the repetition of history that has been misconstrued in the media. Make no mistake, the deadliest terrorist attack towards black people was made in 2015 in Charleston South Carolina—not in the 1960s during the civil rights movement.
The terrorist behind the domestic attack was a 22 year old taught to hate Black People from the time his life began in 1994. That is some 30 years after Black Americans have “overcome.”
Despite the immediate understanding of “keeping the terrorist alive so he can be brought to justice” —Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, The Orlando 50. The victims have endured the ultimate penalty for the consequences of “living in the light of freedom” because of the repetition of the misconception that people of color (I refuse to use the word minority because the anti-black sentiment transcends all groups of people of different backgrounds thus making them the majority) are free in 2016. It is a misconception because it is easier for citizens to sell military grade firearms to their neighbors than it is to have a conversation about the recycled oppression people of color are enduring and their position in making it stop for the first time in history.
So Again I Ask,
If a member of Congress or senate’s wealth is a direct reflection of their familial lineage to a system that abused and enslaved people of color. Why is it just for them to hold a position in public office that further impacts descendants of the abused, enslaved and disenfranchised—if they haven’t made any commitment (starting and fueling organizations) to provide stability that can combat miseducation of race, provide poverty alleviation, and can ultimately impact the positive use of the national budget?

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