Subscription services will be available soon.

www.elumina-mag.comIn the meantime, elumina magazine has a total of two editions available in English and Spanish Available to purchase for $2.99 on Etsy.

We are currently updating and upgrading our subscription system. As our numbers of customers are growing we are working very hard to create a system that can provide excellent service.


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Standard Elumina

$3 per Week

  • Includes Access on Tablet
  • Includes Access on Smartphone
  • Access to Elumina Magazine App

Basic Elumina

$5 per week

  • Standard Elumina App
  • Share Elumina With Family
  • Exclusive Discount deals to your Favorite Brands

Deluxe Elumina

$8 per Week

  • Standard Elumina Package
  • Elumina Package
  • Monthly Printed Issue of Elumina Magazine